Axia College Survival Guide

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Continuing your education can be a difficult journey when a person decides to explore opportunities by furthering their education. Attending traditional classes or distance education classes provides stability and growth, which furthers individual qualities in our society. Students attending college should have access to all necessary tools, guidelines and materials to achieve the best education. The purpose of this paper is to provide college student with a Survival Guide while attending Axia College. The topics discuss in this paper are as following: College Student Survival Guide provides student with information on topics about Axia’s Educational Resources, Upholding Academic Honesty, Setting and Achieving Goals, Managing Time Wisely, Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention, and Applying Personality and Learning Styles.

Axia’s Educational Resources

Axia College provides educational resources and tools that assist students with their education. With just a click, you have access to all necessary materials to complete any assignments. Having access to online materials and files, give students the opportunity to complete their education, while working full time jobs. With the convenience of the University Library, I can research my information, use tutorial and ask for assistance at anytime. Another tool that assists students in completing their education is the Writing Center. The Writing Center is a great tool that helps with your assignments. It checks your grammar, spell check your words, and check your paper for plagiarism before submitting your assignment. With access to these resources and tools, students are able to maintain good grades and complete each one of their ...

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...gress is affected by the way you apply your learning skills. Every class and professor are different, and the way you learn depends on your personality and learning styles. In order to learn new things, it takes comprehending it in a different way. Remember changes bring on new insight to a new beginning. So as students if you have to change a little, apply it to you education to help you succeed.


Attending Axia College and using the resources available helps students succeed and complete their education. The College Student Survival will help you exceed your education goals. While upholding to those goals and academic honesty; you’re able to use your time wisely, by applying different learning styles. Applying different learning styles through your personality will help you retain and comprehend your college education.
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