Awarness Of Egypt: The Problem Of Architectural Awareness In Egypt

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Architectural Awareness

Problem Statement:
The issue of the architectural awareness in Egypt is an untouched. The problem is that u can’t translate architectural messages to give value which can be added to your life and in my research we will test people’s Architectural awareness in places they live in and see how far their awareness is? Supporting a study by asking the interviewers certain questions in an interview to get the all needed information’s
Population: 20 people to test their architectural awareness
Age: 20-30 and 50-60 (ten persons in each age period)
Gender: 5 females and 5 males in each age period
The study of this research tends to test residents in new Cairo to their architectural awareness
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Does it affect you in anyway?
3) Did the architect succeed in designing the surrounding building? (If a habitant the question will include does the interior supply your need?)
4) What can be improved in the surrounding designs?
5) What else do you need at your home to feel the spaces in it? (If he/she is a habitant)
1- Dependent : The Public Architecture Awareness
2- Independent : the buildings of New Cairo
Testing the architectural awareness of people and depends on the results the measurements will be taken to improving the architectural awareness of people through the architects

The public’s architectural awareness must be identified; the impact of the design and human need must be understood by the Egyptian public in order to create a suitable environment which fits the human need. Our research is all about measuring the awareness of the public and narrowing the gap between the public and the architect ,we are also trying to send a message from the public to the architect this message is helping the designer to communicate with the public in order to design buildings to fit the public . Our method is that we are going to measure the people’s awareness through asking a sample of people in what’s known to be “Well Designed” communities about their reaction with the surrounding environment. By the end of the research we will come with result expectedly to be how much the architectural
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