Awareness And Emotional Intelligence

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A vital way of becoming more effective in both business and life is by becoming more self-aware. If you can become aware of your self – your strengths and your weaknesses – then, you can become aware of the affects you create. Only once you know your effects can you know how to change them, or even whether you should. Implementing the guidelines in this book is the first step in a continual process of deepening your awareness of yourself and the affects you create. Becoming more effective can only deepen your rewards in both your professional and personal life.


Emotional Intelligence is defined as a set of competencies demonstrating the ability one has to recognize his or her behaviors, moods, and impulses, and to manage them
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Whereas emotion refers to a feeling, intelligence, refers to the ability to identify and understand those feelings and feelings of others.
Emotional intelligence includes:
1. The ability to identify your own emotions and those of others (Emotional Awareness)
2. The ability to use emotions to improve thinking and solve problems.
3. The ability to manage emotions and the emotions of others to produce cheerfulness or calmness.
What’s more important, to love or to be loved? Although there may be differences in opinions, I’m sure we all can agree, there is no greater feeling of happiness than to give love and receive love in return. This assurance confirms that love is the strongest emotion on the planet, yet most difficult to delineate. This intensifying sensation has the ability to awaken our senses and warm our hearts. Cherish your display of affection which shouts, “I love you" and remember the legendary expression that “love is what love does.” Debra S Clark

Getting in touch with yourself by recognizing what’s going on inside.

Chapter Six:
Understanding the Emotional
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