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Split is an award-winning, realistic fiction book written by Swati Avasthi. The book has a total number of 280 pages, and it could be found in our school library. The story focuses mainly on two brothers, Jace and Christian Witherspoon. After years of suffering from abuse from his father, Jace eventually runs away from home like his older brother did before. Finding himself, bruised and tattered, at Christian’s doorsteps, Christian decides to take him in because he is family. Along with new identities and new friends, the story centers on the two brothers settling in to a better life while trying to figure a way to rescue someone that has been unable to escape from the wrath of their enemy for years: their mother. However, they are left with a devastating answer. This report will focus on one of the primary protagonists, Jace Witherspoon, a significant event, and the overall theme that the author is trying to convey.
Jace Witherspoon is a determined, responsible, and secretive sixteen year-old teen. Throughout the whole story, Jace has one goal: to save his mother from the pain afflicted by his father. He never gives up on his objective, even when his older brother Christian was ready to move on. The mother soon rejects the brothers’ attempt to rescue her, and Jace is unable to cope with it, shedding many tears, showing how unyielding he was about the situation the whole time. Adding on the Jace’s character, he did not blame anyone for him hitting his ex-girlfriend except himself. This shows he is able to accept responsibility for his actions, not blaming Lauren even though she slept with his supposed best friend. This is where his brother sees the difference between Jace and his father; Jace knows that he is wrong...

... middle of paper ... about accepting responsibility and moving on is clearly shown.
Overall, I believe Split is a very well-written, heart-wrenching, emotional, and solid story. I chose to read this book because I had heard about its strong reviews and awards, and I like to read realistic fiction, particularly through the eyes of a teenager with a life that is relatable and believable. This story not only teaches us about responsibility and moving on but also the fact that there are cruel people just like Jace’s father that exist in our world. I would recommend this book to the more mature readers in this class because of the story’s strong language, violence, and sensuality. I know that I will always remember this book because it provides an extremely interesting storyline, especially one that revolves around two brothers accepting their past and looking forward to their future.

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