Avon Lenox Case Study

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In an effort to measure the instructional effectiveness of Avon Lenox, data were gathered from multiple data sources. An examination of the staff’s instructional practices was conducted. The data collected includes detailed accounts of how a typical school day is spent, how students respond to school-wide and classroom-based instructional practices, as well as the pros and cons of those practices. Finally, suggestions, along with rationale, are provided for the purpose of improving time-management, task-focus, and school-wide efficiency and productivity. Methods Appendix A In an effort to obtain “real” data, the principal was shadowed from a distance. However, the observer maintained visual and/or aural contact with the participant. The…show more content…
They were asked to submit the names of the strongest and weakest teacher. No rubric was provided. They were required to type their responses, and then submit via the school’s locked suggestion box. First the staff was prompted via email, and then personally to ensure participation. A total of 28 names were submitted. The teachers receiving the most votes as strongest and weakest were officially observed. However, many teachers were observed to ensure anonymity of the “strongest” and “weakest.” The selected classes were observed from 10:30am to 11:15 am on two…show more content…
At that time, the principal escorted the school’s supervisor to the on-campus SmartBoard training. The principal stayed as well. This was the second day of the two-day workshop. The principal spent $1,000 of school funds to hold the professional development from 12:30pm – 3:30pm each day. Although the principal remained during the second day of the workshop, only the A.P. was involved during the first day. At 3:30pm, the principal escorted the school’s supervisor out of the building. Their discussion was on the importance and relevance of the SmartBoard training. The principal maintained the students respond well to interactive activities based on the SmartBoard. After the supervisor’s departure, the principal returned to the office for the remainder of the

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