Avoiding the Retirement Bust

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Avoiding the Retirement Bust

A recent Gallup poll indicates that nearly 75 percent of 30-to-49 year olds worry about not having enough money to live a comfortable retirement. In addition, 60 percent of those polled say they don't earn enough money to save for retirement. What do these recent polls suggest about many of the baby boomers' financial concerns? Fortunately, for those individuals who are inclined to take charge of their own destinies, several types of tax-deferred retirement savings exist. The government introduces these various retirement savings options to meet the specific needs of three distinct groups of income earners: the self-employed, employees of businesses offering retirement savings incentive plans and just about anyone else who has earned income and is interested in saving for the future.

The first type of option is known as either a Keogh or a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan. These retirement savings plans were created for individuals who either have self-employment income or are partners in their own business. In bo...
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