Availability of Food and Water

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Americans have the attitude food and water are entitled to them simply because they are from the United States. Thinking this way must stop. Countries all over the world struggle to obtain the basic necessities for their citizens. In America, many precious items are taken for granted including food and water. Food and water are two essential elements in the survival of a human, but the amounts in America are dwindling. Three of the main problems concerning the United States' food and water supply are destruction of farm lands, water being wasted, and food contamination. The production of food and water is endangered due to the destruction of agricultural lands and valuable water being wasted. The food Americans are blessed with can be potentially harmful to them. Americans are moving towards a potential disaster and they are completely unaware of it.

Food in the United States can be bought with great ease. Shoppers go to a local grocery store or market and everything they could ask for is waiting at their fingertips. Few shoppers actually stop and think where this food is coming from. Even though most people believe food is made in a factory, it is important to remember food production begins on the farm. The United States has approximately two million farms. The farmland of America is being destroyed at a staggering rate. An organization called American Farmland Trust has the motto “Saving the Land that Sustains Us.” Through research and investigations, the organization has been able to release its alarming findings on farmland destruction. One of the reports documented, “Between 1982 and 2007, 23,163,500 acres of agricultural land were converted to developed land. That's and area the size of Indiana” ("Farmland Protection ...

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