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Mehar Hashmi Professor Philosophy December 6,2017 Autonomy of the individual’s mind How are morals and justice determined? Is it determined by laws that we follow? No, the notion of society isn’t dictated or created by the laws that are present but created by the self-governs of all people that identify as a member of a group. With that as the notion, they are the creator of their own morals and system of justice they implement. And as individuals evolve so does the society and the laws that created and governed. All of the laws are the byproduct of people being autonomy. Which in turn helps form the social constructs of morality, justice, and reasonability This notion all have some conflicting notion on some issues such as the use of drugs…show more content…
Since Autonomy should be the basis of morality, this in turns means, you determine morals. But due to generality and problems that might come, Kant uses the Categorical imperative is a means of to deem if a particular action is just or not, but is solely based on the individual free will. For Categorical you must acknowledge and respect everyone choices and the train of thought that went behind it. So when you are about to partake in an action with categorical imperative you must answer questions, did you freely think of the action on your own thinking about maxing your pleasure or intent, and will the action be universally applied for all individuals at all times. If one of the requirements fails then the action is not good and wrong, since a good choice no matter what given situation would always be good. That’s why lying is wrong because sure we might believe in one situation it is alright, but it can’t pass the test for every situation. That way the most suitable action be the one that does no wrong and is morally good at all times. Kant viewpoint on justice is that it is not just based off just the act of a crime being committed it also the mindset or intent. So when a crime is committed they must prove motive on an act for a greater sentence. A practice that similar to the judicial system in place at the U.S. where intent has to be proven since we based…show more content…
This is due to the fact with the utility principal being that action are good if they maximize pleasure and minimize pain for people. With this as the principle, the everyone happiness and is weighed equally, unlike Kant’s where you are the most important factor. With Utilitarian mindset, the reason the usage of drugs because it might maximize pleasure for some, but it does not do that for everyone. This seems more practical in real life also because we are weighed equally and makes it more democratic and the ultimate of the aim of all human beings to maximize pleasure and decreasing suffering or pain. Along with another thing about the ideals is regarding how categorical imperative has absolutes that must me meet, which isn’t that

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