Automotive Industry : The United States

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Automotive industry began in the 1890s in the United States. As a result of the domestic market size and the use of mass-production, the industry grew so quick into the largest in the world. The United states is the second largest automobile manufacture in the world by volume with over eleven million manufactured in 2014 according to a survey conducted by Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d 'Automobiles (OICA). Though the industry began with hundreds of manufacturers, but by the end of 1920s it was dominated by three large companies namely General motors, Ford and Chrysler. By 1950 The U.S produced almost three quarters of all automobiles in the world. From 1970s, high oil prices and increased competition from other foreign auto manufactures affected the companies in the U.S, later the United States companies were able to come back to business but, by 2008 there was a sharp drop in automobile sale in the U.S because of the recession. General motors and Chrysler filled for bankruptcy and they were bailed out by the federal government. Both General Motors and Chrysler are fully back to business and are showing signs of improvement with their partners. They went into serious innovation by manufacturing advanced cars and employing new workers both in the U.S and abroad, but there are still other challenges facing them and the American auto industry on the whole. Globalization and international trade have made the automobile industry in America more competitive. Foreign automakers are coming into the U.S with more brands, while the U.S automakers are going abroad to compete with other companies in the industry and improve its sales domestically and internationally. One example is Toyota, the company first came into Am... ... middle of paper ... ...pondent said that fuel efficient vehicles with reduced environment impact are important to consumers, forty-one percent said that enhanced safety is more important to consumers, while thirty-seven percent said that the consumers are more interested in improved comfort and convenient. Consumers want the industry to introduce more alternatively powered vehicles. At, a question was asked if the automobile factories should also reduce emission from their factory and not just from their vehicles, sixty-six percent said yes while 33 percent said no. The emission that comes from the automobile factories are very harmful to the environment too and people in their opinion have asked the government to do more in making sure that the emission is reduced both at the automobile factories and the vehicle they manufacture to help keep the environment better and cleaner.
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