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2014 Lexus GS I-Determine strategic Objectives: Segmentation: Large Luxury car, Competition: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW 535i M Sport. Positioning: They are trying to positioning themselves as being better than the German car models. Target Audience: Success working class people, ages from 28 to 40, men. People who want to live their luxuriously and adventurous life. Main product features: 306 horsepower, 3.5l V6 engine, and sport-tuned suspension. Consumer Benefits: Flexibility with style and luxury. II- Review Execution: Headline: MEHR SERIENMASSIGE PS ALS DIE DEUTSCHE KONKURRENZ. Body Copy: “Horsepower is just the beginning. The Lexus GS F SPORT features a standard 6-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive, unlike Audi. Standard 8-speed transmission, unlike Mercedes-Benz. And better overall handling performance than the BMW 535i M Sport. All of which means that in the world of luxury sport sedans, the time has come to learn a new language for performance.” Tagline: "The Pursuit of Perfection" which I believe they are targeting people who want the best to reflect their hard works. Logo: Circle shaped around letter “L” Visual: The ad features with a sharp, brand new 2014 GS 350 F SPORT on the road. It seems like it want us to see that it is the best car among other car models. Layout: One Page ad. The car is illustrated right in the middle of the page, which helps drawing attentions right away to the car. The road seems faded except the car itself. The ad looks very fancy and classy. Typography: The Typography emphasizes as being luxurious and classy. III: Report I strongly believe that the people who advertise this car is trying tell consumers that their car model is better than their competitors. Unlik... ... middle of paper ... ...e ad to emphasis its presence, which I think it’s every clever. Typography: The ad is coveys the feeling of flexibility of the car and with excitements and enjoyment. III-Report I believe that this ad is trying to tell us that The All-New Toyota Highlander, is a car model with many opportunities. With its versatility, everything is possible with the ALL-New-Toyota Highlander. With its headline as “Plenty of room for style. No Room for Boring” in bold on top of the ad and with white letter on top, another color on the bottom, and with a dark moonlight on its background, stand out and speaks on their target audience and grab their attention, if you want excitement, The ALL-New Toyota Highlander is your choice. The tagline “Let’s Go Places” says it all, with the 2014 The All-New Toyota Highlander, you can enjoy new places and seeking adventurous lifestyle.
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