Autocratic Leadership Analysis

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Definition: Autocratic leader- also known as authoritarian style – employs a domineering approach to leadership, which dictates job processes to subordinates. The autocratic leader makes unilateral decisions and then announce those decisions to subordinates. Satterlee, A. (2013). Organizational management and leadership: A Christian perspective. (2nd ed.) Roanoke, VA Summary: In this leadership, it talks about inspiring others to work harder to accomplish the job or goal (Schermerhorn, 258). When we talk about what makes a leader, we don't look at just a few of the aspects but focus on the whole vision of a leader. The autocratic leader's mirrors McGregor's Theory X with us its strict rules, systems of rewards and penalties, and a more centralized…show more content…
364). This intends leadership to exercise their authority at individuals, groups and other corporate levels. Bass (2008) determines that positive leadership traits deal with interpersonal competence, intuition, traits of character, biophysical characteristics, personal traits, and skill. With the understanding of this fundamental leadership, we can say that the autocratic leadership style depends on the situation at hand and the company (Kinicki & Fugate, 2012, p. 370). The authoritarian leadership style fits some groups, depending on what they want to accomplish and the company's circumstances. While some leaders are taking up the autocratic style of leadership this is applying rigid rules, could potentially lose respect from subordinates and ruin company morale. Abuse of this type of leadership can make a leader seem controlling, bossy, and dictatorial; it could also prevent subordinates from producing creative solutions to problems. The employees lack of interest in the company could cause resentfulness because their opinions are never heard (Leadership Style, 2008, para. 3-4), which means valuable relationships are never developed. An example of the autocratic leadership not being satisfied and inappropriate is if all the subordinates were just as knowledgeable or skilled as the leader. This would make sense to use the democratic style so that everyone can participate and have an essential role in decision
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