Autobiography Of My Life: The Life Of Abdi Sulub

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The life of Abdi Sulub is very complicated and also very amusing at times. I had so many things that made my life great, for example, my family we are a very weird family and people on our street know that we are crazy. During the summer we invite our cousins over and throw a huge family dinner so the whole day we would hear from neighbors complaining about how we walked on their lawn or how we parked near their driveway. We are a family that is very interested in sports and also keep up with it. In this autobiography, I will talk about the high points in my life and the very low points in life, such as girlfriends that I will be talking about. Middle school/ High School Late middle…show more content…
Finally, he split the teams in half and we played a full 90 minutes’ game and brought all of us in a circle and said he wasn’t very happy with the way the team played and everyone should bring their running shoes tomorrow. All the upper classmen mumbled words and all left. I said an upper classman what why they were all so upset and he responded with you’ll see tomorrow kid. I didn’t think too much of it because tomorrow I was going to start high school and I was so excited. First Day of High School. That Morning me and my brother both rush out the door and raced for the bathroom because you always have to look your best for the first day of school. During that time, I had this amazing afro so I combed my hair and brushed my teeth and waited for my mom to take us to school. My brother and I fought over who was getting dropped off first (he went to a private school and I went to a pubic school) and since my school was closer she dropped me off first. I walked up the front steps of the school and was completely amazed on how big the school

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