Autobiography Of My Family

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My Autobiography: Examining my Family’s Culture
Family has a huge impact one how we view the world. My family’s traditions and views have been passed down to me and it is one that I will pass down to my children. The impact and the importance placed on these traditions and views are embedded into the psyche, almost as soon as birth. However, some of us make new traditions and put away with the old, while some individuals, who view family as the main importance in one’s life, will keep the traditions and views place by the family. These traditions and views that my family hold proud are one’s that have shaped me into the multicultural being I am today. By the religious upbringing I have had, it has taught me the importance of marriage, to remain
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I view marriage as a sacred union between a man and a woman, and the two should remain pure until their wedding night. This view has been embedded into my psyche since I have been little. My family is very adamant about this sacred practice of marriage and the importance of remaining untouched until my wedding night. I understand this worldview is old but that does not mean it is bad. My family’s influence on me has made me seen the importance of marriage and how much beauty it has to only be touched by my husband. The bond is much more pure and the love is so much stronger. Being each others first as husband and wife is such a beautiful thing. I recognize my family’s influence on this matter and am grateful they have this worldview. The importance of this worldview has been pass down through generations and I will continue to pass this down to my children, and hopefully their children. The reason my family has this worldview is because they believe in heaven and hell. If one does sinful things like having sex outside of marriage, drinking, doing drugs, and many other things, then that individual is seen has not pure enough to enter into heaven. My family has also taught me to behave like a lady and go to church so that one day when I die, my soul will be pure enough to enter into heaven. It is important to me and my family that I keep my Lord and Savior happy too and by refraining from sinful activities will keep Jesus happy. Through hard work and prayer, I will keep this worldview as close to my heart as my family keeps me in order to keep me safe from the sinful
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