Autobiography Essay On The Digital Literagraphy Of Facebook

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Digital Literacy Memoir The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is roll over and check my phone, not only for the text I might have ignored while sleeping, but also to check all the social media updates to stay in the loop of things. Social Media plays a huge role in our world today, out of all the sites to choose from there is essentially one for everyone. My “go-to” social media is Facebook and has been that way since I created my personal profile page at eleven years old unknowing the influence it would leave in my life. Being the youngest of all my friends I was the last to join the world of Facebook. I remember being at the “girl-scout” sleepover and everyone was taking turns on the computer checking up on their Facebooks. I remember feeling envious and bitter of their “new lives”. I went home the next day from the sleepover begging my parents to let me make my own profile even though I had yet reached the age requirement. After annoying them for a few hours they gave in with the usual, “give me the password, make it private, don’t friend strangers, don’t say stupid thing, blah blah blah...”. From this moment on I had entered a world of love and hate and a new way to create and destroy your self.…show more content…
Now that I have moved away to college it helps me stay in touch with my family and high school friends. Starting college is a new and exciting chapter in my life that all of my family aspires to share with me. There are few and far between days that go by that I don’t get a Facebook message or post from a family member that asks, “How’s it going, love the pictures, miss you, can’t wait to see more pictures, keep us updated.” That being said if I didn’t use Facebook as much as I do they would be blowing up my phone, and who wants
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