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My parents were still unbelievers when I was in my mother’s womb. In 1976, there was a great spiritual revival swept across the entire region of Nagaland. In one of such revivals, my parents received the new faith of Christianity and committed their lives to Jesus Christ. The following year I was born and my parents dedicated my life at the altar of Almighty God to serve Him in a full-time ministry from among five children. Thus, I grew up in a Christian family, with devout Christian parents, who exemplified the Christian faith in their commitment to the Community.
Every morning and evening my daddy who had a little knowledge about scripture would yet read and expound from the Scripture and my mother being the Sunday school teacher would always encouraged and helped me involved in singing, drama and other Christian activities as a young boy. Home and Sunday school were the first places where my Christian faith took shaped and grew. However, until the age of 14, I was not sure of my salvation. Then, during a youth crusade, I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, and I became sure of my salvation. Now, I firmly believe that apart from the salvation of Jesus Christ there is no other hope for me as well as for the humankind.
Even during my secular college days, I actively participated in Christian activities, such as Church Choir Leader, Youth Leader, Sunday School teacher and President in local community club. I did Bachelor of Arts (B.A) with Philosophy Major from Nagaland University. After my graduation, to fulfill the commitment with the Lord, I started my theological journey, i.e., Bachelor of Divinity (B.D) in 1998. And upon the completion in 2002, the call to ministry was confirmed to work as Youth Director at Changt...

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...andler School of Theology, with the recommendation of my college under Faculty Development Program, and if I am admitted, it will be on study leave with service bound. I assure that my participation would bring warmer and greater fellowship to the diverse and vibrant community that exists at Candler School of Theology.
My prayer and hope is that the knowledge and skills gained from the study in The Candler School of Theology will enhance the ministerial calling I have and serve God with my best so as to make the Christian living and the lives of the individuals and community more meaningfully in Christ. I continue to seek His will for me thanking God for where I am now and what I am pursuing. Once I finish my proposed studies I will come back to teach here in the same college where I am now. I believe I have a greater task ahead of me and I am ready to do his will.
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