Autoantibodies Testing

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2330 words

p63 does not function as a tumor suppressor and is rarely mutated in human cancer24. However, when p63 is overexpressed it functions as an oncogene by several mechanisms including: opposition of p53 function (Chen 1999), loss of E-cadherin expression 25 and enhancement of cell survival pathways 26. In addition , Cancer cells are affected by ∆Np63 by several mechanisms, one of them is by encouraging the migratory behavior of cancer cells and the other way is by downing the adhesion of the cells to each other27. On the other hand, the role of p 63 in developing cancers still needs more investigation. Many researchers have reported the association of ∆Np63 with some type of cancer. Esophageal precancerous and cancerous lesions have demonstrated the existence of ∆Np63 28. Moreover, lip squamous cell carcinoma and actinic cheilitis showed p63 protein is constantly presented in quantitatively analyzed by immunohistochemistry29. The β catenin has oncogenic properties which is positively affected by ∆Np63 isotypes30. In addition, Drewelus reported the negative effect of p63 on Wnt-regulator in tumor progression31. The dual effect of ∆Np63 on its ∆Np63 transcriptional activity has been detected in 2007 by Chu, negative effect can be observed when ∆Np63 numbers are few, contrarily to the positive effect when the numbers are high in nasopharyngeal carcinoma32. C) Antibodies:- Definition:They are structures emitted by Plasma cells, last form of differentiated B cells, based on their globular structures they can be assigned to the globular proteins. They freely move in electrophoretic field and their ability of movement makes them attributed to у- globulins protein33. Today they are called a... ... middle of paper ... ...eroxidase activity with major absorbances at 370 nm and 652 nm. The color then converts to yellow with stop solution like phosphoric acid with maximum absorbance at 450 nm59. TMB has a better sensitivity results when is used as a chromogenic substrate for HRP60. The last stage is the reading process. It can be visually by the naked eyes, however, the methodology of knowing the correct result must be done by an expert personal. Multichannel spectrometer is used to read the optical density. The fundamental concept of reading the OD is based on absorbance of light photons through a thickness of liquid figure ( ). Absorbance spectrophotometer measures the amount of light that a sample absorbs(figure). The proper wave length for the platereader is detected based on the absorbance property of the product of examination. 450 nm is the best wave length for HRP product.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that immunoglobulins (igs) are structures emitted by plasma cells, last form of differentiated b cells. the basic composition is made of protein and carbohydrate.
  • Explains that based on the pathogenic behavior, two types of autoanitbodies can be named.
  • Explains enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) developed by peter perlmann and eva engvall.
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