Autism is not a Disease

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Autism is not a disease. Autism is a neurological disorder of the brain that causes a lifelong developmental disability. Autism has been affecting kids since the 1900’s. Eugene Bleuler a Swiss psychiatrist was the first person to use the word autism A History of Autism. (N.d.). Autism comes from the Greek word auto meaning self or on their own. Autism describes how a person removes them self’s away from society, and enter an isolation stage.
In the 1940s researchers in the United States began to use the word autism to describe kids with emotional and social issues. From the 1960s to the 1970s scientist focused on treatments such as LSD, electrical shock therapy, and behavioral change techniques A History of Autism. (N.d.). Autism can be diagnosed at an early age of eighteen months. There are different stages categorized of autism. As of today in the United States one in sixty-eight children are diagnosed with autism. That is one in forty-two boys and one in one hundred eighty nine girls. Boys have a higher chance than girls. This year’s research showed that there has been an increment in children with autism, and they don’t understand why this is increasing.
What causes autism? Scientist dont really know what is the cause. They think that there is some sort of gene mutation that triggers it, but they still don’t find an exact answer for this condition. Studies have found that people with autism have differences in the structure of their cerebellum; the cerebellum is in the back part of the brain. They did come up with signs that can lead you to think your child has autism, so you can seek medical help and prevent harmful symptoms that can affect the child in the long run. Some of the symptoms that they saw the children showed w...

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...iagnosis becoming more powerful, public schools have found themselves searching to find methods to educate autistic children. Not only is it hard for schools to deal with the autistic children, but also the families have a struggle finding out that their child has autism. Parents of children with autism often suffer from stress and anxiety disorders. Dealing with children that are autistic places extraordinary demands on the parents that can be added over the usual parental daily work and responsibilities. They need to cope with different needs that their child has that the other family members don’t have. There are many support groups for parents that have a difficulty in accepting their child’s condition. They can even attend counseling with their child to find ways to cope with his or hers necessities. Now there are also programs that help the parents financially
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