Autism in Children

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All children deserve to have an equal chance to learn and perform in any number of categories. The only problem is that not every child can function correctly for various reasons. The condition that I am covering is autism. Autism is a difficult symptom to correct because it is a brain disorder that takes time and much work with doctors and teachers. I wanted to learn more on this disorder because I have a family member that have this condition. Autism affects communication skills, social skills, creativity skills, and learning skills. The ways to help correct these symptoms would be early detection, early intervention, and how to educate children with autism. Every parent wants to know what causes autism for their child. The only problem is that no one knows what causes autism. There are many signs and different theories, but no answers to what causes autism. Many different methods have been conducted to see the cause of autism. Methods like brain research, genetics, and neurochemistry have not solved this dilemma. The causes of autism have not been solved, and might never be discovered. Parents want to know if their child can be cured and be able to live a normal life. The answer to that is no and yes. There is no cure for autism, but with the proper treatment and education, a child can grow and live a very normal life. There are many cases of people with autism living a normal based life, even though they still have autism. Autism is a life long condition that can not be cured, but people can still live normal lives. One person in particular (Peter) interested me as he lives a very normal life and is an inspiration to not only autistic people, but to everyone, Today, things are much easier for me. I go to Inver Hills Community College, where I?m working for my associate of arts degree. I am very hopeful about my future. I?ve taken some very difficult classes in geography, but I have passed all of them with a fairly decent grade?This past October, I gave a talk in front of nearly three hundred people up in the Twin Cities about my autism?I talked about what autism felt like for me, and I told some funny stories?On the whole, this talk was a very big success for me. My talk brought tears to the eyes of many.

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