Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd )

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is an unfortunate disorder that can severely damage lives. It can cause people to need daily assistance with all their activities throughout their whole lives. Autism affects a countless number amount of people, and those people need our help to find a cure for autism. We can help them find the cure for autism by simply donating to foundations such as Autism Society. If we were diagnosed with autism we would all want people to donate to the cause and support it in order to be normally healthy like others; the disorder is very insidious. The disorder seems to have a direct connection to the brain, while being costly. ASD research has recently exposed that the brain may be where autism is created, “Anatomic abnormalities have been identified in different brain regions in individuals with autism” (“The Autism Spectrum,1”). The particular brain region where autism is created, is different in autistic children from normal children as researchers have found that the amygdala was on average 13% larger in young children with autism (“46 Random Facts about Autism,2”). The direct correlation of autism to the brain only supports the fact that the brain is a very tedious area that can create expensive situations when damaged. ASD is also linked to unnatural physical conditions inside the body; “ASD is a physical condition linked to abnormal biology” (“Autism Overview,1”).Autism negatively impacts families financially, annually costing a family $60,000 a year on average (Facts About Autism,1”). ASD is a disorder that not only affects the person diagnosed with it, but also everyone around the person. The disorder is proving to be expensive and difficult to maintain while the number of t... ... middle of paper ... ...e, or make it an antipathy. Fully aware of the impact autism has on its victims, it is vital that you support and donate to the cause. Autism is damaging millions of lives and has been for years. There is yet a cure to be found for the disorder and it must be discovered soon in order to make autistic people 's lives better, and help them smile and enjoy life happily again. Donations would help families pay for any therapy undergoed by an autistic person and pay for research in order to help find the cure. Support those affected as they need a good time to help them relieve their stress and make the disorder be the last thing they have to worry about. This disorder is a catastrophic thing that may antagonize the daily life of a child throughout their whole life. Help find a cure for autism and donate to charities such as Autism Society and Autism Speaks.

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