Autism Spectrum Disorder And Autism

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Understanding autism which is professionally known as, Autism Spectrum Disorder otherwise known as (ADS) can be a difficult task especially for someone who is not trained in helping persons with disabilities. The first person to discover autism was a child psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Kanner in 1943. He name the spectrum disorder after the Greek word autos, meaning of or for oneself, due to the way the child display social avoidance. Many doctors’ believed in the past that autism was caused by the way the mother not caring for her child properly or ignoring him or her. There was also a time when it was thought to be caused by certain environmental stressors that cause neurological issues within the brain. Autism is one of the most misunderstood health concerns affecting as many as 1out 150 people. In the last 15 years there seems to be a rise in the number of people touched by this disorder and the reason for the increase is not known as of yet. One of the reasons that the number of people with autism seems to be raising, maybe that the public awareness level is becoming more apparent. Programs specializing in the education of the general public are on the rise as are many new treatments and behavioral techniques. People are learning what it really means to be autistic and some of the new treatments that are available to help people with their disability and what we as a society can do to help them. Autism has been misjudged for many years and some people have gone without treatment and were locked up in metal hospitals for the rest of their lives due to the ignorance of public... The main problem is that there has not been any productive treatment available to help them in the past. The typical case of autism can be frightening to... ... middle of paper ... ...eems to be on the rise with the population increase and awareness. Although there are many reasons that there is an increase in the amount of ADS as seen today as opposed to fifty years ago. One of the main reasons is the improvement of diagnosis techniques, educational awareness to the general public and also a break down in the ecological structure of the environment may have alluded to the fact that autism is on the rise. The rapid rise in people with autism has made this disease a critical area of research and if we are to protect our future from a population riddled with mental and neurological disease like autism. Then we better focus more on the research work done in our society as well as creating opportunities for those affected with this depilating disease, instead of trying to ignore it or pretend it does not exists. Works Cited

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