Autism: How Did My Child Get It?

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Autism affects 1 out of 80 children each year. Autism is a life changing situation for a family that has a child with this disorder. In 2003 my life completely changed when I was informed my son was autistic. Like many parents, I had no idea what autism was and I had never heard of it before, and no doctor really could explain it. In the article What Causes Autism Spectrum Disorder?, the writer Arshya Vahabzadeh a child psychiatrist shows us the truth of the matter is that science and medical professionals are still unaware of what may be the cause of this mental disorder. Furthermore, he discusses why they are not able to find a source of this issue and why there are so many children that are being affected by this each year. There are many theories of how this has become one of the biggest medical crisis for parents who are wanting any answers to help protect their future children from Autism. The author reveals that there may be many factors of how children are contracting this disorder. Many children are being diagnosed with autism, and in fact they are more often misdiagnosed. This is due to the fact that there are many mental disorders that have symptoms are very similar to autism, so therefore they are getting the wrong treatment for the illness. Autism is most difficult mental condition for doctor to diagnose a child with.
In the first part of the article, Vahabzadeh works on establishing his ethos as a child psychiatrist.By having the difficult task of informing and explaining to a patient that their child is autistic. There are many questions surrounding autism. There is a lot of confusion where it comes from. Some believe in is from inoculations, but there is still lack of evidence I can sympathize and I can also relat...

... middle of paper ... no known cause or cure. In order to shed light on this issue there is a strong need for answers. However, in most all cases children are either going undiagnosed, or being diagnosed with another condition that has similar symptoms to autism. In instances of a misdiagnoses, children are going untreated for the wrong condition and this will not rectify the situation but make it worse. Although, many scientists are working hard to finding a solution and once they do families who are affected by this can have a sense of hope and comfort they will be able to help their child deal with autism as a condition not a problem.same paragraph as above

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