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Most people take the simple things in life for granted. But for others those simple things are great struggles. Things like social skills and staying focused are struggles for people with autism. When you look up the definition of autism the most common thing that pops up is “Difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors” (What is Autism?). But the difficulties for people with autism vary with each type they have. In the five different disorders in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders), there are many variations of symptoms and who it affects. The people living with autism face hard struggles every day.
Autism is a very broad word used to describe disorders in brain development. Another word used to describe the wide variety of disorders is Autism spectrum disorder or ASD for short. Autism spectrum disorders are split up into different categories depending on the symptoms. The different categories are categorized with the following criteria; difficulties with social skills, repetitive behaviors, and verbal and nonverbal communication. (What is Autism?) One out of every eighty-eight children are affected with ASDs in the United States and it is more in males. (Autism Spectrum Disorders)
The mildest form of autism is Aspergers Syndrome. Affecting males three times more often than females. Usually children with Aspergers become obsessed with a certain object or topic. If they become obsessed with a topic they will talk about it all the time and learn as much about it as they can. Although this helps individuals with this disorder have normal to above average intelligence, their social skills are lacking greatly. (Autism Spectrum Disorders) Often characteristics associated with social s...

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...roaches. Another service show to help is early intervention services. This program helps children from birth to the age of three.The program helps them with talking, walking, and teaches them how to interact with others. Even if a child is not diagnosed with ASD they can still use these services. (Treatment)
One in eighty-eight children have autism. This is a huge increase in the past forty years. Although there is no explanation for the rapid increase, there are many ways to help. (What Is Autism?) Because autism is on the rise everyone should be informed about the fact. Without knowing the facts, if you have someone around you with autism you won’t know. Don’t take anything for granite, people living with autism have a daily struggle doing everyday activities that we don't think twice about. You never know what you have until you walk in someone elses shoes.

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