Autism Essay

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Autism often referred to as autistic disorder or autism spectrum disorder is one of the most disabling disorders that fall under the pervasive developmental disorders. Pervasive Developmental Disorders or PDD are a group of disorders that are among the most difficult to understand and treat. Autism is a developmental disorder that involves problematic behaviors such as language, perceptual, and motor deficits as well as the inability to function in social situations. Autism is considered one of the most severe and puzzling disorders that occurs in early childhood.
There are varying degrees of signs and symptoms shown in people with autism. Social deficit is commonly seen early on; people with autism typically show no need for affection or contact with others. They have what is referred to as “mind blindness”, where there is an inability to take the attitude of others or see things as others do. People with autism especially children have an absence or severely limited use of speech. They do not effectively learn by imitation and generally use “echolalia” to communicate, which is just the repetition of a few words that persistently echoes the parents verbal behaviors. Self-stimulation is also seen in individuals with autism, taking the form of repetitive moves such as head banging, spinning, and rocking. They generally like things to be arranged a certain way and limit variety. They also show active aversion to auditory stimuli, children will cry at even the softest sounds one minute but then be oblivious to a loud noise the next. Intellectual ability is often impaired in individual with autism. They often show deficits in social reasoning but can manipulate objects. They are generally good at puzzles as long as they do not have ...

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...dications are used to help reduce aggression, self-harming acts, or temper tantrums in children from the ages 5 to 16. Other off-label antidepressants, antipsychotic medication, and stimulants are sometimes also used to deal with the symptoms of autism. Behavioral Treatment has proven to be successful in eliminating self-injurious behavior, mastering fundamental social behavior, and developing some language skills. Best behavioral treatments have been done in the home allowing for more comfort and to keep that aspect of sameness evident. The long term results of autism treatment have been unfavorable, although effective behavioral intervention in attention skills have been noted. Children have a hard time generalizing the behavior learned in treatment outside of treatment making the effectiveness difficult. Children with autism are a long way from becoming “normal”.