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Do environmental factors play a role in causing autism?
Even though the concept and occurrence of autism is intricate, with both hereditary and external factors, it is evident through several researchers that immune system of a person plays a significant role in the causation of autism. Some of the components that influence autistics person’s immune health are related to his prenatal and postnatal environment in which he lives, including his regular food intake chiefly. These factors combine to increase the risk of autism in the child.
While it is complicated and difficult to infer the causes of autism, it is important to understand that in addition to genetic factors, several environmental aspects are also involved in the caudation of autism. However, appropriate and timely diagnosis is important for the wellbeing of a child, so knowing the environmental factors and prevention is significant.
Autism is a composite neurodevelopment disorder describe as damaged social interaction, communication discrepancies, limited activities, and repetitive interactive acts. These characteristic extents mild to severe cases and are probably supplemented by cognitive deficiency and related comorbidities.
The autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as categorized by researches and medical professionals, comprise of three kinds of disorders; firstly Autistic Disorder, then Asperger disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder – Not Otherwise Specified. Moreover, there is no indication that these three kinds possess any particular homogeneity as well (Daniels).
In simpler terms, “people with ASDs handle information in their brain differently than other people” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). A quantity of social and behavioral symp...

... middle of paper ... to giving birth to autistic children. However, father being the other parent does not hold much significance in this concept. However, researches assert that either parent working more can affects the child’s neurodevelopment in a negative way.
In conclusion, an effort is required, either on individual or joint basis to reduce the probable environmental factors, primarily toxics. On the governmental level, it is important to reevaluate the toxic substance and pollution control regulations of the state. Through this, the food packaging companies, factories, and use of electronic machineries can be regulated and held accountable in case of any major issue in the country. On non-governmental level, social activists in cooperation with medical and psychological researches must create awareness in the common public about the health risks to their future generations.
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