Autism Case Study

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This Paper is going to examine Autism. What is Autism? Autism is a disorder that affects an individual brain, impacting their development, causing delays such as cognitive, Language, and behavioral (Karst & Vaughn, Van Heck, 2012). Autism is classified as DSM-IV-TR disorder (Blewitt& Broderick, 2015). Autism does not discriminate it can affect anyone regardless of their race or social background. The probability that a child may be impacted from autism is 1 out of 110 (Blewitt& Broderick ,2015). Child development is important to the field of human service. Autism is a disorder that signifies a child development is not progressing. Dating back to the 1960’s many social scientists such as Sigmund Freud and Piaget began to study the development…show more content…
Autism is a diagnosis that may impact language and regression (Karst & Vaughn, 2012). Language is an important aspect of a child learning it helps the communicate. Children who are nonverbal may find it difficult for them to communicate effectively. Sing is another form of communication that can used to communicate. Regression is another issue that a child may face instead of…show more content…
The inability of individual brain to collect and format incoming information (Suarez, 2012). An average of 90% of children who have Autism sensory is irregular (Suarez, 2012). This is a high quantity of children who are impacted by sensory disorder. They are different terminology to address the sensory processing disorders such as Sensory integration dysfunction and Sensory defensiveness. This issue also affects the child cognitive ability to effectively learn. Treatment use to help with this disorder is occupation therapy(Suarez,2012). A child who has Autism may be socially withdrawn it really depends on the child. Also, some kids may be shy towards individual they don’t have a relationship with. Children with autism have difficulties socializing with his or her peers (Gengoux, 2015). Developing social skills for Autistic children can be hard. Priming is a method that can be used to help children with autism engage with their peers and learning (Gengoux, 2015).Priming involves using an activity or material possession to encourage positive action or interaction (

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