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It has been determined that an estimated 1 out of 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism in just the United States itself. Autism has many different effects to the human body. In most cases it severely affects their social life as well.
Autism doesn’t only affect a person’s body and their social life it also affects much more. For example it also affects a person’s ability to communicate with others. Having communication problems can make it harder for them to speak their feelings if something is wrong. Also when they get older it can make it much harder to find/apply for a job. Because of this it also affects their interactions with others. Not being able to interact with others prevents them from being able to make friends as easy as others can (Society). Having autism also makes it harder for you to live independently, but with having bad social skills it’s hard to find someone who would be willing to stay with you through the hard times. Not being able to live independently can cause you to have a different view on the world. Having a different view on the world means that you see the world in a different perspective then others do. People who don’t have autism for example may see a herd of cows walking around in circles but people who do have autism may see in a whole new perspective and take it a different way (Autism). If your child has any of these affects or they don’t have the ability to do things that should at their age it could be a sign of autism.
There are many overall signs of autism. In a certain age of children having a lack of communication with their family and other children could be clear sign of autism. Also if a child shows weird signs of behavior it could be a sign of autism (Society). Ano...

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...d that has autism.

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