Authority Abusers are Spreading Like a Disease: Wole Soyinka's 'Every Dictator's Nightmare'

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Ever since the beginning of time, rulers and dictators have tried to control the so-called lesser beings into doing anything they want them to do and made them slaves for their own pleasure. These lords of leadership have cruelly made their peasants scrub the toilet full of putrid smelling feces, lay there crying while they rape them every night, and work a field with calloused, arthritic hands that will never put the bountiful harvest to their malnourished lips because slaves are not worthy. When the rulers say these people are not as worthy as themselves and are less than them, I believe they are truly wrong to say or even think they are better. No one human is better than the other. We are all equal human beings that should be treated fairly among everyone around us. No matter what race, culture, gender, or religion is practiced, we are all born with a human right which defines us as equal Homo sapiens that should be treated with respect from the day we are born to the day we die.

From the moment you start reading "Every Dictator's Nightmare," you are drawn by the powerful, captivating words of Wole Soyinka. He truly speaks words of wisdom and truth in vivid detail on the subject of human beings and their rights. His article is based on his belief that, "certain fundamental rights are inherent to all humanity." He first shows how the abusive leaders have gotten worse over the years through examples of the female slavery taking place in Afghanistan. And also, religious ...

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...wer-hungry, slave trading individuals filling the world with more sadness than we can fathom.

If everyone realized the idea that humans have rights they are born with, they would realize they could make a better place for everyone now and in the future by respecting those rights. They could make the world a happier and more comfortable place to live in for everyone, including themselves. Instead, people are still fighting oppression and shedding tears over it. They are many who are still being sold into slavery for the pleasure of someone else. For workers, there are many people who are not being paid fairly or at all for their labor. Sadly, this unjustice will continue if it is not realized and dealt with. When Wole Soyinka said, "an idea that still lacks full realization," those words were purer than gold in truth of what we have not yet accomplished.

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