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Authority is a basic element in the structure of social life. It is more or less effective in any human interrelation. It is functional in a spectrum from a small group of individuals to a whole population of a society.

Some aspect of authority is a requirement of all communal living, and it is only the individual dwelling in isolation that is not forced to respond, with defiance or obedience, to the commands of hierarchy. In a general view, authority couples with obedience and both of them seem to be two components of one package.

The legal and moral aspects of obedience are of enormous important, but we know very little about how most people behave in incoherent situations. This is the reason authority can be abused and turned into illegal and immoral sacred.

The dilemma inherent in obedience and authority is ancient, as old as the story of Abraham, but the question of whether one should obey when commands conflict with conscience has not been argued because the commands are allegedly sacred.

So, the term “sacred” can be a holy command, a holy person, or even an animal, an object. It is “sacred” because its rationality and originality cannot be proved.

Sacred as such is not necessarily a classified religion or sect. Prior to religion, the term “sacred” had been a primitive phenomenon inspiring ancient rituals: for example, sacrificing an individual or animal for the sake of “sacred” gods.– the package of sacrifice / sacred was mostly accompanied by bloody and ceremonial acts of rituals such as amputation, genital severing, cannibalism, and many other types of ritual acts from which traces have been discovered in archaeological works.

So, a series of various sacred figures, objects, places, or concepts connect themselves wi...

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...for some objective people can be similar to a child who tries to persuade others to see the world from his own perspective.

The sacred can be a Holy Book allegedly written or inspired by God. Although, ancient civilisations have produced handmade texts for thousand of years, many religious and spiritual movements believe that their sacred texts (or scriptures) are the “god’s word”, they often allege that the texts are entirely divine or spiritually inspired in origin.

The sacred has been an important phenomenon in the course of history with an important role in the evolution of human personality traits. The sacred accompanied with a political state is today’s example of the Islamic Republic of Iran which is a whole other topic to be discussed. However, it is wise to know the entire concept of sacred in order to understand the framework of any religious dictatorship

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