Authoritative Parenting

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Introduction Parenting a child from infant to the adult stage is a full-time responsibility that every parent takes on. The type of style used to socialize their children to conform adequately to the expected standards of conduct to function successfully in their society is the option that is decided by each parent. Since there are different ways of parenting a child, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the child’s behavior is sufficient to live in society let alone act compliant in it as well. It is interesting to observe the different methods that a variety of parents demonstrate in order to make sure that the children of that society will be considered ‘acceptable’ by the environment itself and of course by the parenting skills that parents possess. The problem area that will be introduced in my empirical research report is based on the different types of parenting styles and the effects that each style has on a child’s behavior. The importance of the problem tends to come as a result of the child’s behavior that the child possesses later in life and how the child responds in society. It is crucial that the children are well-developed in their early years so that avoidable behavioral problems do not occur later on. The purpose of this study was to show that there is a direct relationship between different parenting styles and the behavior effects on young children. The majority of the studies that have been conducted in the past have observed different parenting styles and children’s behavior were based on families with adolescents. The proposed study suggest that the parent’s of younger children should be examined more carefully so that those parents can have a better idea as to how to improve their way of ra... ... middle of paper ... ...umrind, D. (1971). Current patterns of parental authority. Developmental Psychology, 4(1, Pt.2), 1-103. doi:10.1037/h0030372 Dornbusch, S. M., Ritter, P. L., Leiderman, P. H., & Roberts, D. F. (1987). The relation of parenting style to adolescent school performance. Child Development, 58, 1244-1257. Mansager, E., & Volk, R. (2004). Parents' Prism: Three Dimensions of Effective Parenting. The Journal of Individual Psychology, 60(3), 277-293. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Montgomery, C., Fisk, J. E., & Craig, L. (2008). The effects of perceived parenting style on the propensity for illicit drug use: the importance of parental warmth and control. Drug & Alcohol Review, 27(6), 640-649. doi:10.1080/09595230802392790 Pitzer, R.L. (2000). Authoritative parenting involves balance. Retrieved from
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