Authentic Love And Love Stories In Movies

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Let me point out a few things that I cerebrate are erroneous with love stories now days on television. They are not homogeneous to authentic love at all. They portray couples who have just met and culminate up doing crazy things to be with each other. Sometimes one of them dies for the other one; sometimes they kill other people for their special person. The quandary with this in my opinion is that some people will compare their lives or love stories to these movies. There's a reason they are movies.
Most people's love stories in life will be nothing like what you visually perceive in the movies. Some people have trouble dissevering the two though. They optically discern what the movies portray love to be; an immensely colossal explosion of zealousness and concupiscence and doing whatever it takes to be with the other person. But in authenticity there is not a good chance someone can reiterate something they optically discern in the move; yet people cerebrate that is what authentic love is.
So this causes quandaries because they will compare their lives to the lives of the people in ...
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