Authentic Caring Case Study

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uan attended school infrequently and often did not approve of his new school in Mexico. Even his parents made excuses for Juan to miss class and gave various explanations as to why his attendance was not consistent. Isabel was also not encouraged to attend school. A main reason for this could be the fact that “Juan and Isabel were not encouraged to attend school because the family did not have much faith and trust in the Mexican educational system.” (Borjian, Munoz de Cote, Lopez, and Rangel)
To be able to combat this, Juan’s and Isabel’s educators need to employ a “Ethic of Caring” approach to their education. This theory explains that “teachers with an ethnic of caring attend to the needs. motivations, and perspectives of their students
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He complained about situations where meals were not provided and the teacher often had a short fuse and yelled. Teachers also did not teach him how to read, or read books aloud as teachers did in the US. The article also mentions that “Juan’s teacher also did not pay much attention when Juan did not understand instructions in Spanish or when she did not understand him.”
Authentic Caring is a remedy for this situation that Juan is in. This theory explains that “treating students as full and complete human beings to learning into one’s educational framework.” (Cammerota & Romero)
The opposite is “Aesthetic caring” where teachers see students as blank states that need to be inscribed with academic skills, and not as complete people with real-life problems. This is common with Juan and Isabel in their schools in Mexico. However, this also occurs with students on teachers. Many students view teachers as feelingless people who want to make their life hard. In reality, teachers are harsh because they just want the students to be able to reach their
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In the article, “Multiple Perspectives”, the author claims that “indigenous students and their families brought resources to schools such potential trilingualism, community organization, and parent support for education. “ (Ruiz, Barajas)
The more support an immigrant student has (teacher included), the more the student will feel comfortable in a class. As educators, we must encourage parents to be involved to get acclimated to their new environment and have a support system around their child.

This project opened up my eyes to a various amount of issues involved with immigrant students. As an educator, this made me realize that there are many issues and problems that a student goes through when immigrating. Most of the time of why a student acts a certain is because of the social, educational, economical, social-cultural, linguistics, and mental health perspective. It is my job as an educator to not act irrationally when I know there are one or a few of those factors affecting an immigrant students. New students see teacher’s as support systems and we need to be able to be there for students who are new to help them assimilate to a new environment and culture. Teachers and immigrants need to meet halfway and understanding what each other’s expectations are to be able to have an optimal learning and teaching experience. Through this project, I realized you
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