Australian Universities Should Adopt Online Learning Procedures

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Expansion in the Australian universities has been among the key issues that have been a subject of discussion for a long time. Such expansions would facilitate improvement in the learning institution and encourage further research in the country. Australian universities constitutes among the topmost universities across the globe and increasing opportunities and avenues for more students to learn would lead to expansion and introduction of more learning programs into the system (Ayoubi & Massoud, 2007).
To achieve the goal of being having the best international universities, there are certain policies that need to be implemented to ensure that students globally have equal chances of gaining access to the universities. The presence of international students leads to a great diversity in terms of the study programs offered and the expansion of the education infrastructure.
The Australian universities need to apply a number of industry strategies to enable them compete favorably (Correa-Velez, Barnett, & Gifford, 2013). One of these strategies is to establish the university campuses in other countries. The use of this strategy would help in providing easy access to the programs offered by the universities without necessarily travelling to Australia. The strategy would also help in marketing the Universities’ academic programs in various parts of the world and expanding their levels of certifications (Eddy, 2010). This viable expansion strategy will help in attracting a large number of students into pursuing the Australian program.
Another strategy is also petitioning the Australian government to award all the major universities with a worldwide recognition status. This implies that the levels of certification offered by the Australia...

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...erstood the programs offered in the Australian education system.
With the reinforcement of the above mentioned strategies, such as worldwide recognition of the programs offered as well as ensuring that the universities’ programs are offered in other institutions around the globe will largely facilitate learning and expansion of the Australian universities. Many students will therefore be well positioned to further their education in other campuses without necessarily travelling to Australia (Ledgar, 2006). Nonetheless, the government should implement friendly immigration policies that will allow and encourage international students into travelling to the country for their studies. The cost and eligibility of acquiring an Australian visa especially the student visa ought to be afforded to allow students from different parts of the world to join the institutions.

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