Australian Hardware Essay

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Assessment Task 1

Review and familiarize yourself with Australian Hardware general business information:
Australian Hardware's business has had a pretty good record of growth for years, reflected by its successful stores. For the last three months the business has been performing really bad. That’s why the owner of the company assess the business performance in order to identify the areas that need improvement.

Review and evaluate business performance data and information:
The business performance has been really bad for the past 6 months across all sales categories and stores as well as the hardware product sales are down. In total they are down up to 19%. This happens by the vast expansion that the team had over the past years. The total expenses going up, too. The overall profit is declining.

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That’s why their customers are spending more money in their products. But it is not increasing the volume of sales. Customers feedbacks are very positive and up to date, even though the number of member of the loyalty club declined. The customer survey shows that customers enjoy their shopping at Australian Hardware.

Review and analyze management and staff meeting summaries:
During the past five years the total number of delivery bookings was outstanding. The reason was the fact that customers tend to look for cheaper price from competitors during the past year. The team has adjusted the operational budget to match with the operations --> push sales.

Test the validity and reliability of data and information you have used to identify and analyze the potential business problem/s or issue/s in the step before. Check sources of information provided and their credibility and reliability:
Based on the research on Australian Hardware's business information which I gathered form the team. The information is valid enough to be used as the base of this research.

Choose one of the business problem/s or

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