Australian Business Analysis

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Small businesses make a significant contribution to the Australian economy accounting for almost half of industry employment. (Clark et al., 2011) However The ACCI Small Business survey results show a second decline in small business conditions after the financial crisis in 2008. Hence, this article aims to share the personal experience of young and self-reliant entrepreneur to inspire Australians, especially the youths, who make major contributions to the society to take the bold step in becoming enterprising entrepreneurs. The intended primary target audience of this article is young people age 18-25; while the secondary target audiences are everyone else who would like to start their own business. This article is intended to be published in the feature section of local newspaper such as “The West Australian”. This is because it has the highest readership with 1.1 million of readers weekly and the readership is also ranges across the demographic spectrum. This feature section is intended to be published weekly with stories of different entrepreneurs. It aims to promote and advanc...
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