Australian Aborigines

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Believe it or not but there are still places that have embrace the cultures from their past. Australia embraces their heritage and the natural people who were there before the Europeans came to inhabit the area. Australia is also known for their scenery such as highlands, lowland, beaches and large cities. The animals located in Australia are very unique, the kangaroo is the animal thought to be the symbol of Australia. Most people in the US think of Australians as a completely different kind of people but the truth is they are very similar.

Australia is located between two oceans the Indian and Pacific in the southern Hemisphere. It lays just below Southeast Asia, and its total area is 2,967,892 square miles. The highest point is 7,310ft or 2.228 miles high. From one side of the Continent to the other it is 2,480miles across. The total width of the continent is 2,265 miles wide. There are six states New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. There are two major main lands and several minor territories, the major mainland territories are Australian Capital Territory and Northern territory. (Compton Encyclopedia)

The first people to inhabit Australia were called Australian Aborigines they inhabited Australia for tens of thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. They lived in a hunter gatherer society and were somewhat nomadic. When the Europeans began arriving the Aborigines began to die due to foreign diseases, land loss, and conflicts with settlers. The Aborigines were not treated the same as Europeans until the 1960s when they started to receive voting rights, and the assimilation policy was forcibly removed. Aboriginal culture is increasingly recognized as an integral par...

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...embrace their history. They are very laid back people and stop at nothing to have a good time. Australia n families are small but that keeps them very close, they are always out and about with their families sharing those special experiences together. Australia is a unique society where they accept anyone and adapt their society to help those who are not from there.

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