Australia Multicultural Society Analysis

Australia has created a multicultural society today since the 1788, where people from different races, religions and cultures have come to an equal treatment. Although Australia today still faces less unequal treatment between some cultures and beliefs when compared to the 17th century and today.
During 1788, people in Australia were finding it hard to create a stable multicultural society, where ‘settler society’ took places. The ‘settler society’ required the dispossession of indigenous people in order for society to follow the political economy, which required society to do a lot of labour jobs. Therefore, during1788 there were other arrivals from different minority groups that had come to Australia, which some groups were welcome and some
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In references to Moran (2011), he mentions that during the time where there was an economic drop which had led to a resulted in Australia. Australia during this period need migrants for labour to help with rebuilding of Australia, where people from overseas were needed and wanted to remain in Australia, although the government selected official people which they were after “typically white, young and healthy” (Moran, 2158). Therefore, this demonstrates that Australia back then in the 1901 was not a multicultural society, where migrants that were entering Australian were expected to follow certain values. Furthermore, the migrants that entered to Australia were told to integrate to the Australian ‘white’ culture, which was that migrants were asked to forget their own identity. During this process Australia was not an efficient multicultural society, due to having migrants to forget their own identity, religion and belief.
Therefore, during these period time in Australia was that, multiculturalism was not a successful between other societies, some minorities were accepted and some were not accepted, which this caused all people from different races, religions and cultures to treat each other unequally in Australia. The white Australia policy died out as an official policy in the 1960s, where Australia was accepting other minorities which the government celebrated the diversity of Australia for becoming a multicultural society and accepting other
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