Australia Compared to Ecuador

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Austria Compared to Ecuador

Austria is located in the central part of Europe on the northern part of the equator; while Ecuador is located in the northern part of South America which falls on the southern part of the equator thus they have their seasons at different times of the year. Which allows them different advantages in agriculture, for example when Austria is in season with many of the other countries in the world such as the United States they are producing much of the worlds food, but when season ends for the northern Equator, the southern equator which Ecuador falls into is in their season, and produce much of the world’s supply Ecuador supplies a large amount of the bananas to the world. Austria has a federal republic which is a federation of states with a republican form of government compared to Ecuador which has a republic which is a form of government which the power is executed through the public as a whole. Austria has many natural resources including oil, coal, lignite, timber, iron ore, copper, zinc, antimony, magnetite, tungsten, graphite, salt, and hydropower which allows them to keep their country running smoothly and gives them a total GDP of 417.9 Billion. Compared to Ecuador who possesses the natural resources petroleum, fish, timber, hydropower

Which allows them to have GDP of 91.41 Billion Dollars in comparison to Austria you can see they take in about 300 Billion less, which shows why they are a less developed country than Austria. There are many more things to examine first though to truly understand why Austria is a more successful country than Ecuador.

The social characteristics between Austria and Ecuador differ greatly first the Average life expectancy in Austria is 80 years as a whole and ...

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...of Austria along with their equality of their people, and their great education, and other social policies has most certainly helped them in their success, being part of Europe has helped them create great trade alliances, and they have had great examples from other European countries of how to run a country, also have a centralized currency in the Euro that most of Europe use has made business between other European Countries easy for them. Ecuador’s geographical location, ethnic composition, status of women, and other social policies has not had that big of an effect on them their real problem is that they don’t have many natural resources, and aren’t able to generate enough money.

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