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The city of Austin is experiencing a period of tremendous growth. People, jobs, and overall economic prosperity are thriving in this eccentric city. Austin has so much to offer from being a hotbed for technological start-ups, to having an array of cultural and musical festivals like South by Southwest, and being home to The University of Texas, a world-class research university. With everything that Austin has to display, I still believe that we can continue to build upon the solid base that has been constructed over the last couple of decades. As a resident of this marvelous city, avid sports fan, and interested investor, I fully believe that bringing a Major League Soccer franchise to Austin will continue the process of establishing Austin as a major city in the United States. I write to you Mayor Leffingwell in hopes of getting you on board to support the campaign for an MLS team. The MLS’ recent surge in popularity, the potential profits to be made from having a soccer team, and the success that other cities have had by bringing in an MLS team are all reasons why the city of Austin should want to be the next city to receive an expansion team. With your status and influence as the Mayor of Austin, we will get the people of this city and other potential investors to back this brilliant idea.
In recent years, the popularity of the MLS has risen to levels that the young sports league has never seen. The MLS’ average attendances to stadiums per games have surpassed both the National Basketball Association’s and the National Hockey League’s. This relatively young soccer league is now starting to compete with leagues that make up a significant portion of the American sports market. In the latest ESPN Sports Poll Annual Report, both ...

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...r indeed has a home in Austin. The Austin Aztex play in the Premier Developmental League. They recently won the leagues championship in 2013, and there championship game drew in their largest recorded crowd of 4,253 people. This may not seem like a significant amount of fans but the Aztex play in a small multi-sport complex, which limits the amount of attendees. The success of the Aztex can be attributed to the support that they have gathered from Austinites. The fact that a semi-professional soccer team sparked interest and support from Austin locals shows that soccer is an appealing sport for the people of Austin to come together and support.
The potential benefits of bringing a Major League Soccer franchise to Austin are endless Mayor Leffingwell. Many cities around the country have profited off of the recent increase in popularity of this young soccer league.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that bringing a major league soccer franchise to austin will continue the process of establishing austin as an american major city.
  • Analyzes how the mls and mlb claim 18 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds as avid fans of their sport. teens are losing interest in america's national pastime.
  • Explains that the mls is a respected sports league in america and they have received bad raps internationally. the english premier league and spain’s bbva league dominate the international soccer market.
  • Explains that the mls is going through a period of tremendous economic expansion and there is no sign that this will slow down in the future.
  • Opines that having a sports team would also benefit the people of austin. construction workers will be needed to build the stadium, and businesses will see an increase in economic activity with an mls team.
  • Compares the portland timbers to austin, a city with similar populations, demographics, and cultural ideologies.
  • Opines that austin's semi-pro soccer team, the austin aztex, is proving that soccer has a home in austin.
  • Describes the benefits of bringing a major league soccer franchise to austin. many cities around the country have profited off of the recent increase in popularity of this young soccer league.
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