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Auschwitz, a name that struck horror and fear into every individual. The death camp, started out as one camp that quickly became three. It’s the largest death camp of all mankind, and became the most feared thing in all of World War II. Women and children to the left and men to the right. One could only hope that while kissing their family goodbye, it would not be the last time you’d see them. This camp killed over 12,000 people a day.
Auschwitz quickly became a symbol of terror it was considered and “genocide” it was composed of three sights. Plans for this camp were starting in the 1930’s, and in May 1940 Auschwitz I was born. Auschwitz II aka Auschwitz- Birkenau was established in 1942. Finally in October 1942 Auschwitz III aka Auschwitz-Monowitz became to be. Auschwitz in 1941 became the SS mains office or operations. It also held all prisoners data and files. Auschwitz I also still controlled the labor deployment of all prisoners. In November 1943 Auschwitz I and II became independent camps but all still very connected. Auschwitz II and III were labor camps and where gas chambers were held.
The Jewish people were welcomed into the gates of Auschwitz by one simple phrase, “ARBET MACHT FRET”, translated to, “WORK MAKES US FREE.” This was the complete opposite of what the Jews and others imprisoned here experienced. Many well to do families now found themselves living in Ghettos and pure squallier, stripped from everything they had ever worked hard for. Gold teeth, prayer hats, jewelry, food, clothing and shoes were just some of the things that were taken. The living conditions and torture most likely made death seem like a welcomed reprieve from it all.
Auschwitz had officers watching over the camps 24/7. The main p...

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... of death. Over his course of 21 months at Auschwitz he acted out grotesque practices. He is accredited with killing 14 pairs of Gypsy twins in one night. We never knew his full extent of his terror as files and laboratories were destroyed by SS towards the end of the war. He murdered up to 1.5 million children. In a disturbing twist, many modern medical advances were made due to his experiments.
In conclusion the horror and terror that was carried out during World War II is unconceivable. The subject of the Holocaust can still be a sensitive one. Many Jewish people wonder today why them? Those that were imprisoned and made it out alive, are still tortured with dreams and images to this very day. One may have a hard time wrapping their minds around such an atrocious act on mankind, but for those who survived, it is a reality that will forever haunt them.
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