Auschwitz-Bierkenau Concentration Camp and Elizer

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Elizer and his father stood by each others side and supported eachother in the arrival of Auschwitz-Bierkenau to be able to survive. Throughout the novel the relationship took a turn for the worse because the conditions they were put in, there was really nothing Elizer and his father can do to stay together. By the end of their journey Elizer's attitude towards his father became more sensitive, he did many things to keep his father close to him, and to help him heal as much as he can. When Elizer's family was first brought to Auschwitz-Bierkenau he was just a young boy. He was holding his fathers hand watching all the babies get thrown in the air and shot killed and even burned alive. His sister and mother got taken away from them and he never once saw them again. His childhood is now just on the rim of getting distroyed. He stayed really close to his father, they shared their breads, watched over eachother and didn't let anyone bully them. As the days passed the situations got worse. They were starved, phisically and mentally abused. Actually, in the very beginning everyone stook together. “We mustn't give up hope, even now as the sword hangs over our heads. So taught our sages...” (Wiesel 31). Dr. Mengele is the doctor who determines whether new arrivals are fit to work or whether they are to be killed immediately. Ellie and his father both lie about their age and employment in order to stay together and not be killed. As the days pass, many became very greedy, angry, and groosum. Some killed their owns to just have a piece of bread. While Ellie and his father still stook by eachothers side. Ellie never acted upon his grief, he would care for his father, and help him when he was ill. There was thoughts about how hi... ... middle of paper ... ... to find that his father has been taken to the crematory. To his deep shame, he does not cry. Instead, he feels relief.”(SparkNotes Editors). I believe that Elizer did all that he could for his father, he went to the extent of not eating his rations to help his father fight for his life. If he lost hope in the end, I as his father putting myself in his shoes, I believe I would have understood him. At fifteen years old I wouldn't have been able to do not even half the things Elizer did and went through. Works Cited SparkNotes Editors. “SparkNote on Night.” SparkNotes LLC. 2002. Web. 24 Feb. 2014. Wiesel, Ellie. Night. 1. United States of America: Hill and Wang, 2006. Print. Wiesel, Ellie. Night. 1. United States of America: Hill and Wang, 2006. 31. Print. Wiesel, Ellie. Night. 1. United States of America: Hill and Wang, 2006. 54. Print.
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