Augustus' Reign

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Augustus, during his reign as emperor proved effective in ruling through the ideas he implemented to solidify his country. Tacitus stated “nullo adversante” which translates into English “Wholly unopposed” ( this identifies the effectiveness of his reign and the strength he had politically over Rome. Important actions such as the creation of religious and moral reforms, the constitutional agreement and the implementation of the building programme all succeeded in creating stability within the Roman Empire. The religious and moral reforms that Augustus established used ideas such as making family and family honour the centre of life, promoting a return to the earlier ‘golden’ days of Rome, linking political corruption to lack of values and thus reinstituting a values system, rebuilding and re-staffing temples to ‘appease the gods and avert crises from the empire, and linking himself to religion through titles and his actions. These ideas were used in the intention of creating stability within the empire and thus creating prosperity. ...
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