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Auguste Escoffier began his long and excellent and honorable professional food-related career at the age of 13 and retired 61 years later. During his lifetime, he made French food-related world famous. Escoffier (totally changed and improved) and (updated with the latest stuff) menus, the art and practice of cooking, and the organization of the professional kitchen also. Three of his cookbooks are still thought of as extremely important references.

His food-related inventions of new things included permanently stopping showy food displays and describe in detail garnishes, reducing the number of courses served at a formal meal, lightening sauces and focusing on seasonal foods. While respecting and preserving the ways of thinking/basic truths/rules of classical food, he simplified …show more content…

From (very old time in history) times and up to Escoffier, the professional kitchen had been composed of separate independent sections, operating (in a self-ruling way), which resulted in (making copies of something/more than one person or company doing the same thing) of labor, waste of food, and (not agreeing/not happening in the same way) quality. Escoffier's fame/respect had the ripple effect of lifting up/raising up the status of cooks from laborers to artists. Kaiser Wilhelm II once said to Escoffier, "I am the Emperor of Germany, but you are the (male ruler of a country) of chefs." Hotel operator Cesar Ritz , whom Escoffier met in 1884, gave/given not only the stage for the young chef's talents, but also the audience. Ritz's respected and admired Savoy and Carlton Hotels' kitchens were headed by Escoffier during a time in history when the international customers included the rich, the powerful and the famous. Ritz and Escoffier redefined restaurants and raised hospitality to (unlike any other thing in the world)

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