Augmented Reality: The Construction Of An Augmented Reality

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Simulation Report 1 Introduction I knew that I would enjoy the simulations because I have always enjoyed hands-on projects in my classes. Before I did any of the simulations I started the three simulations I looked at their titles. The first simulation, “You Are A Founder” really caught my attention because The Founders had many issues that they had to compromise on while making our Constitution. Since I knew some of The Founders issues they dealt with I figured I would not learn as much from it and thought I knew a lot about a police officers duties. Therefore, I thought I would learn the most from You Are A Federal Judge. All three simulations were very informational and eye-opening, but the simulation I enjoyed and learned the most from was You Are A Police Officer. I had never really considered how quickly they have to survey a certain situation and know exactly what to do. Since I found out so much from the You Are A Police Officer simulation I believe it was my favorite. All three were very cool and fun to participate in though. Title You Are A Founder Results The Founders had many obstacles that they had to overcome to write and ratify our Constitution. If James Madison had not made the correct decision on how to handle certain situations our country would not be where it is today. I made correct decisions on all of the challenges as James Madison in the simulation. All of the questions If I did not have any knowledge of the compromises that The Founders made when writing and ratifying our Constitution I do not think I would have been as successful. Chapter 2 in our textbook really helped me figure out the best solution for each challenge. For instance, one of the challenges was deciding if slaves should be counted in the census. If I had no prior knowledge of the Three-Fifths Compromise I would have had a much harder time figuring out the best solution.
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