Augmented Reality: How Virtual Technology Integrates Virtual Objects With The Real Environment

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Introduction to Augmented Reality Augmented Reality(AR) is the technology which integrates virtual objects with the real world by superimposing Virtuality in real environment. Azuma properly defines Augmented Reality as a variation of Virtual Reality. As Virtual Reality completely involves a user into virtual environment, however one cannot see the real world surrounding him. Whereas, AR allows users to experience the real world with virtual objects super imposed on them. Instead of replacing reality, AR advocates it (Kaufmann 2003). The very first Augmented Reality interface had been developed by Sutherland in 1960’s (Zhou et al. 2008). In recent years Augmented Reality has been marking its popularity very well. The same trend has been observed in the research articles reviewed in the research. 2.2 Mixed Reality Mixed Reality is a hybrid reality which produces new environments and visualizations where virtual and real objects co-exist and interact in real time by merging real and virtual objects. There are four realities in Mixed Reality (MR) continuum. 1. Real Environment: This is the real world i.e. the physical world. 2. Augmented Reality: In this, Digital objects are added to real world. 3. Augmented Virtuality: In this, real objects are added to virtual world.…show more content…
Educators are to be more interested and encouraged in teaching process when using these technologies. Also, students are to be much more motivated in this process (Fonseca et al. 2014; Kreijns et al. 2013; Roca and Gagné 2008). Researchers have investigated the application of AR in AEC Education domain. Augmented Reality is considered to be a cost effective technology which provides students with attractive contents and much more interesting with respect to paper books. This technology has been said to be utmost important for focusing students’ attention on actual tasks (Martín-Gutiérrez et al.

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