Audience Attitude Theories: Charities Campaigns Project

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On this essay I want to look at our study on the Charity Campaigns project. The main goal for us is to know more about the audience attitudes towards those campaigns. By considering this point, it is possible to have a specific look at the aspects of participants’ lives and their behavioral concepts. Related to our subject, there are different theories that can be linked to our project which are related to audience studies. Gathering data through qualitative method is possible by using interviews and it can help us to get valuable records related to specific data that we need to deal with. On the rest of this paper, I will briefly explain all these aspects. As our theoretical approach, the basement of our project is “Audience Studies” theory, because of our aim, which is doing this research to know more about the audience perspective to charity campaign. Regarding to this theory, it is possible to study our audience representation of this subject related to their experiences. Another theoretical dimension which is related to our work is “Reception Theory” by Hall. By concerning this theory, it is possible to look at the various sociological factors of audience such as gender, past experiences and their beliefs which has effect on the way of reading the text. Lastly, from ”Communication Study” and “Identity Theory”, we could do survey our target group reflection based on their cultural aspects and personality which could have effect on their attitudes to donate. Additionally, To find out the role of identity in giving, the reason of people donating and specifically base on their gender, to find out what is the difference between men and women for participating in donation. In our study, the core part of survey goes around aud... ... middle of paper ... ...out different factors which could have effect on making their decision on donating. In conclusion, we could explain our project, generally, as an audience study research to identify different perspective of people to donate and the reason of this point from different perspective of audience studies to reception analysis. We would also look specifically on their reception model of charity advertisements, to look at their mode of decoding the charity texts. We put our effort to do our research on a experimental way to gather suitable data related to our target group experiences and feeling towards charity campaigns and their various kinds of ads. Finally, we would like to look at this process of perception and reception of audience attitudes to the field of charity through real experiences in their life by concerning their different gender and cultural background.

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