Audience Analysis: Talk Cards Used For A Speech

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Audience Analysis: A. Demographics: The audience is demographically characterized as having both male and female Michigan State University students within the age group of 17 and 24. As well as being ethnically diverse. As a result, I think that the demographic of the audience will have great influence on the speech. Both the audience and myself fall in the same demographic group, which allows me to have a connection with the audience. Making it easier to make my point. B. Psychographics: All members of the audience will have some college education and will be in an attentive mood because of my topic. Music is something that everyone can relate to. These factors will affect my speech by allowing me to grab the audience’s attention and allow the audience to focus on my topic. C. Verbal Considerations: I plan to deliver my speech in an informal manner to be able to build…show more content…
Vocal Considerations: My speech will be delivered in a natural and constant speaking pattern. This will allow me to convey my speech in a clear matter that the audience can understand. Talk Cards Used for the Speech A. Talk Cards: During my speech I plan to use my student and gun advocate cards. By using these cards, I will be able to relate to the audience and create a connection. As a result, I will be able to increase the audience’s interest in my speech. B. Content: Using the student card, will allow me to build a relationship with the audience. This will be my connection to the audience, as a fellow student, I can convey my thoughts to them. Then, with the gun advocate card, I can show my knowledge about the subject, building my credibility. C. Style: In terms of style I plan to use a high level of friendliness, which allows me to talk to the audience as a fellow student. While also using informality and low power to make the audience feel at ease. D. Audience: I will be asking the audience to use the same talk cards that I am using. This will allow the audience to better understand my

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