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Currently in the automobile market there is significant growing demand from consumers for fuel efficiently. Fuel efficiently is a growing concern for the modern consumer; this has lead to the penetration of hybrid and electric cars into the automobile market. The Audi group is a German automobile manufacturer (owned by the Volkswagen Group) that designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes luxury vehicles. Audi’s mission translates to ‘We delight customers worldwide.” (AUDI AG, 2014). Audi aims to provide fuel efficient luxury cars. Audi is a dominant brand in the New Zealand market; with Audi sales up about 25 per cent from last year (McNicol, 2013) is it obvious that demand for luxury cars is significant. The growing demand for fuel efficiently creates an opportunity for growth for Audi.
 Market analysis
Audi makes luxury cars for a small but significant niche market. The luxury car market targets high income earners with disposable income. The luxury car market is peaking with a large amount of high income earners investing in luxury vehicles, especially in the New Zealand market where luxury car sales are overtaking growth rate of the passenger car and SUV markets (McNicol, 2013). Consumer trends in the luxury car markets show growing demand for fuel efficiently and Hybrid electrical cars.
 Competitor analysis
Audi along with BMW and Mercedes-Benz make up the three most selling luxury car brands in the world. BMW is one of Audis biggest competitors; BMW has strong brand loyally, created by consistency of high quality products. BMW has also created a strong brand image, many customers buy into the BMW to be connected with the idea of wealth and class associated with the brand. BMW, unlike Audi has not as quickly embrac...

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...nefit Audi. Audi can take advantage of the demand for fuel efficiently by heavily marketing their Hybrid electric cars. Audi should develop a marketing campaign to capture the attention of the ‘Green Target market’ which has been a group less focused on by Audi. Currently Audi’s has a competitive edge over their competitors as they have been researching, developing and manufacturing hybrid cars for decades. Audi needs to incorporate in their marketing campaign a change of image as many customers only think of Audi as a luxury brand not an environmentally friendly band. Many are unaware of Audi’s extensive research and history with hybrid models, which is something Audi should advertise in the current market. By adopting these recommendations Audi will continue to grow by incorporating a new target market which will increase customer base and therefore boost sales.

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