Atypical Altercation: A Sequel to Icy Incidents

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It has been a year since I realized my power of pathifery, which is the gift of receiving any power simply by wanting it. My version was called wish granting. I could wish for myself to have any gift. You could say it is an overpowered gift, but I didn't choose for myself to have this gift. When my brother started to exhibit similar attributes, I believed that there were more with gifts. My brother and I were spending every minute of our free time searching for others with gifts. As we were searching, we looked on the news site. In the middle of the Sahara desert, there was a nuclear explosion. I teleported to the area with a simple question: why would someone blow up a desert? When I arrived, most of the sand in the area was turned to glass. Behind me, a portal opened. My brother stepped out the portal as it closed. “So, what's the damage?” my brother inquired. “Really, man?” I retorted, “We are in the middle of nuclear wreckage.” Then, I tried something new. Placing two of my fingers at either side of my head, I reversed time in my head. Then, I noticed, I was intangible. I concentrated on the task ahead. There, I saw two men standing in the middle of the desert. Only, it wasn't just the two of them. There was a whole encampment. Scientists were rushing to and fro on the campground. From the look of it, the two men were arguing. Suddenly, one of the men's eyes glowed. His hands were blazing with fire. Then, he let the fire run loose throughout the grounds. Suddenly, a ring of flames surrounded him. As he screamed, the ring enlarged. The sand turned to glass. Men were incinerated. All who was left was the man who threw the flames around the building. Suddenly, I felt a rush of pain upon my cheek. Then, I was rushed back to the ... ... middle of paper ... ...not be available for . . .” At this point, he looked up to the assistant, to which he finished, “One month?” She nodded her head. I stepped out of my chair, ready to leave. “This meet-and-greet with today's villain was fun,” I grinned sarcastically, “However, I have a life to live.” As I headed out, the director yelled, “Wait!” I looked to him. “Here is what you can do. Go to Westchester County, I have a friend there. Goes by the name of X. He could possibly train you. Turn you into a hero.” I shrugged, thanking him for the info. Then, I jumped off of his aerial base. Suddenly, I transported myself into my bedroom. My brother asked, “Where were you?” “Nevermind that, we need to convince Mom to transfer us from our school to a boarding institute in New York,” I answered. Confused, my brother asked, “Why?” Then, I inquired, “Have you heard of a man named Nostradamus?”

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