Attributes And Barriers Case Study

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Attributes and Barriers
By Martina Camilleri
Class: 1ED5

Task 1 (P1):
Personal Attributes

Task 2 (P2):
Principles of Effective Communication

Interpersonal skills are skills a person uses to interact with people, individually and in groups. In the business area, these skills are used by an employee to enable them to get their job done while getting along with others. These skills include communication and listening skills, as well as attitude and deportment.
(Skills You Need, What are Interpersonal Skills?, 2011) These skills are of advantage to a person in a business, as it may open many positions for them in the organisation. Employees with good interpersonal skills are likely to be productive due to their positive attitudes, although people with poor interpersonal skills would most likely be the opposite. People with strong interpersonal skills are most likely to be more successful in their professional, as well as personal, lives.

Verbal Communication
Verbal communication is the way in which one interacts with another person through the use of mouth. He/she expresses his/ her ideas, feelings or messages in this way. The main way in which verbal communication is done is face-to-face. Verbal communication has its key components, those being speaking, language, and words.
Why it is considered important by employers
Verbal communication is considered important by employers, as it is essential for employees to communicate in a business. Employees should get along with each other in an organisation, in order to get things done, and to have a nice and calm environment. With verbal communication, certain employees could let other employees ...

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...kills You Need, Barriers to Effective Communication, 2011) P4
In order to prevent physical barriers, one could use a computer in order to chat or speak online with the person who is geographically in a different area.

Gender barriers
Gender barriers may be present due to the differences in the way men and women interact. For example, a woman tends to give greater detail in what she is talking about, whilst a man talks with a more logical view on the topic, as studies have shown that women talk a greater amount of words than men in a day. This could lead to the man/ woman getting bored with the topic.
Gender barriers could be prevented by talking about a mutual topic that both the man and woman are interested in. This could raise interest and therefore more communication and interaction between the two.
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