Attraction To Beauty Essay

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The factors of impressing others include many characteristics, such as wealth, power, and talent. People will attempt to improve those factors to increase the attractiveness. The beauty is one of the factors that people usually care about. To pay attention to appearance is more common and understandable than the people thinking. It is because attraction to beauty is human nature and the development of relating technology makes modifying the appearance become possible. Also, the appearance could bring many benefits.

It is reasonable that people are attracted beautiful appearance. Many animals inlay the gene of survival consciousness deeply. For human, they would make the judgment to sustain life. Psychologists believe that first sense of human
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It is beneficial for the career. Some asserted that professional skill is more important in promotion. Certain occupations require some specialized knowledge which is irreplaceable. For example, the appearance of doctor is not more important than his or her professional skill. In the professional field, knowledge is authority and status. It may be because assuming office of professional field required highly educated level. It does not mean that appearance is not important. Gimlin claimed that human have pathological attraction about physical beautiful appearance (Gimlin, 2000). The appearance could make a positive impression to boss. This is the reason why professionals have specific clothing. Using doctor as the example, the white lab coat symbolizing the medical cause. It gives the feeling of confidence to the patients. The appearance is also the same effect on the career. People with good looking feel confidence and are easy to impress others. In fact, the good appearance provides more change. They would gain more attention. The social relationships and cooperation would be better because appearance is the appearance to convince others.

In conclusion, it is sensible for people to concern about outward appearance. The physical beauty has irresistible force to human and science and technology attempt to make people become beautiful person they desire. There is a closed relation between the outward appearance and the promotion. Although the appearance provides many chances, there are other factors need to be concern, like responsibility and
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